Aggregate Cleaning By Atlanta Pressure Washing

Exposed Aggregate Power Wash Before Picture By Atlanta Pressure Washing
Exposed Aggregate Driveway Before Power Wash
Exposed Aggregate Driveway After Power Wash In Dunwoody, GA
Exposed Aggregate Driveway After Power Wash - Dunwoody, GA

Exterior exposed aggregate surfaces have been used since the early 1900s, There are many advantages for using these types of surfaces  – the most appealing is its appearance. An aggregate surface if done correctly will add a unique, timeless element to your home’s exterior  – the texture, and natural materials (river rock, stone, etc) used add a more natural appearance in comparison with a typical finished concrete surface. Exposed aggregate surfaces are also durable, skid-resistant. Because of these advantages many builders have used , and continue to use aggregate in Atlanta’s finest homes.

Cleaning Aggregate Is a skill we have mastered over the last 25 years.

Cleaning aggregate poses many challenges -main of which is protecting the integrity of the aggregate surface. Aggregate cannot be cleaned with pressure alone – We use aggregate-specific cleaning agents coupled with wetting agents, that dig deep into the aggregate’s crevices loosening years of grime and slime – we utilize our state of the art equipment to gently, efficiently restore your aggregate surfaces with amazing results every time. It is a skill we have perfected.

We clean the following exposed aggregate surfaces:

  • Aggregate Driveways – We clean aggregate driveways of all shapes and sizes.
  • Aggregate Walkways, stoops – We clean front stoops, pathways, walkways.
  • Aggregate Pool Decks – We clean aggregate pool decks.
  • Exposed Aggregate Patios

We efficiently remove all types of atmospheric staining from aggregate surfaces. We clean:

  • Mold and Mildew: – We remove years of mold and mildew that have robbed the aggregate of its natural beauty and characteristics exposing the beautiful aggregate surface once again.
  • Moss and algae – Moss and algae can be very hazardous on aggregate driveways. Because of the small pockets, and dimples between the rocks moss and algae can embed themselves in those pockets and grow to a point where they’re flush with the aggregate rock. Of all the surfaces we clean , a neglected aggregate surfaces can become very very slippery.
  • Pollen – We offer seasonal cleaning scheduling ensuring cleaning your Atlanta aggregate surfaces after spring pollen season. We also clean aggregate surfaces after the fall leaves.
  • Oil stains – We can clean to a certain extent most oil stains from aggregate surfaces. Some may be tricky and leave a shadow.
  • Red Clay – We clean red clay stains from aggregate surfaces efficiently.

We are experts in field of aggregate cleaning, restoration, as well as aggregate sealing- we have industrial grade aggregate sealers that not only seal, but enhance the inherent beauty of your Atlanta home’s aggregate surfaces.

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Whether you have a specific, or general question about our aggregate surface cleaning , or would like a free estimate we want to hear from you. Please fill out our estimate request form, invoke our chat box, or call use at 404.428.9264 . Thank you.

Aggregate Pressure Washing FAQ'S

Depending on the condition of your aggregate surface we may use our soft-wash equipment, or a low pressure surface cleaner – either way we don’t start washing the aggregate surface until it has sat soaking in our powerful cleaning agents for at least 10-15 minutes. Once our powerful cleaners soak into the aggregate surface and penetrate the pores, and crevices – dirt has zero chance.

No, our products will not harm your plants, grass, or pets. We soak everything with fresh water before, and after cleaning, we never leave puddles behind.

Depending on your surface – larger driveways typically take 3+ hours, so do pool decks. Smaller patios, walkways may take 1-2 hours. Aggregate cleaning is very time consuming.

Yes, the cleaning agents we use dig deep into all aggregate surfaces and lift off years of grime, mold, mildew, and stubborn dirt exposing the clean aggregate. We restore aggregate the right way!

Yes, we offer many different aggregate restoration and sealing products of the highest quality at our disposal.