Exterior Brick Cleaning Services By Atlanta Pressure WashingSince 2004  Atlanta Pressure Washing has  specialized in cleaning all exterior brick, as well as paver surfaces in the North Atlanta, GA area. We use time-proven cleaning agents coupled with our gentle yet powerful pressure washing which ensures that your brick surfaces are thoroughly cleaned while preserving your mortar, and paver sand. Our brick cleaning techniques are highly effective at loosening dug-in dirt. Cleaning brick surfaces – especially stairs, and stoops is not only essential in maintaining your home’s curb appeal, but also prevents slipping hazards from moss, mildew which become highly slippery over time if left alone. Below is a listing of all brick surfaces we clean:

Benefits Of Routine Brick Cleaning:

  • Removes Slippery Moss, Grime & Slime
  • Improves Home’s Curb Appeal
  • Prevents Costly Repairs
  • Sanitizes Your Outdoor Living Spaces

Brick Surfaces We Pressure Wash


  • Brick Patios – pavers, and patios

  • Brick Driveways

  • Brick Stoops

  • Brick Mailbox – We clean them all

  • Brick Walkways

  • Brick Pool Decks

  • Paver , Brick Fences And Retaining walls

  • Brick Houses

Dunwoody, GA Paver Retaining Wall Before And After By Atlanta Pressure Washing

We clean all exterior brick surfaces, we are especially qualified to gently clean the mortar without damage – we allow the cleaning agents to soften the soiling so as to use less pressure with more volume – equating to magnificent results without risk of damaging your brick surfaces. We are experts in field of brick cleaning in North Atlanta, GA.

Brick Stains We Pressure Wash:

Brick Pressure Cleaning Services By Atlanta Pressure Washing


  • MossWe clean stubborn dug-in moss from brick and especially from mortar. As mentioned before- Moss can become extremely slippery on stairs, and walkways. We effectively, efficiently clean all moss from brick surfaces.
  •  MildewUnfortunately flat brick surfaces are breeding grounds for mildew, we also clean exterior brick house foundations that have a lot of mildew from rain  water splashing. No matter the brick surface we excel at gently removing mildew from all brick surfaces.
  • Pollen – Springs in Atlanta are like no other place. Unfortunately with the amazing spring flowers come pollen. LOTS of it! We clean pollen from all brick surfaces. Gently, and efficiently.
  • Red Clay, Dirt – It is near impossible not to get red clay on your brick patio floor, or keep red clay from splashing up on your brick foundation wall, or retainer wall. We specialize in removing stubborn red clay stains from all brick surfaces.

Brick Pressure Washing FAQ'S:

Yes. We can gently clean around the broken mortar  so as to not cause any more damage. We would strongly suggest having your mortar re-pointed as water intrusion long-term can wreak havoc on missing mortar causing more mortar to dislodge causing loose bricks. We can refer you to brick masons which can re-point your brick.

No, we use a low pressure, high volume pressure washing technique that will not damage your brick’s mortar. We also utilize cleaning agents that loosen soiling, dirt, moss, mildew so less pressure is necessary to dislodge stains from your brick, pavers, and mortar. In other words we allow the cleaning agents to do the heavy lifting-  we don’t rely on pressure to clean your brick surfaces.

Yes, we always move furniture off brick and paver patios, we also return furniture back to its place. Heavy planters may have to be moved to one side, and back to its place after cleaning.

We use pet, and plant safe cleaning agents, we gently rinse your plants before pressure washing , and gently rinse after pressure washing. This ensures your plants are protected from any residual cleaners. Our products are pet safe, and we never leave puddles after pressure washing your exterior brick.

Yes- Our brick cleaning process brings back the original inherent beauty and characteristics of your brick.

We are confident that we can get your brick house, patio, walkway, stoop looking its best. We have (since 2004) been Atlanta’s brick cleaning specialists! To schedule cleaning your Atlanta brick steps, walkways, patios please fill out our brick cleaning estimate request form, or call us at 404.428.9264

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