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Atlanta Pressure Washing  specializes in pressure washing all concrete surfaces, and have been doing so since 2004. We use gentle-yet-effective cleaning methods that produce consistent, reliable concrete cleaning results. We clean all residential concrete surfaces no matter their size. We clean the following surfaces:

Benefits Of Routine Concrete Cleaning:

  • Sanitizes Your Outdoor Concrete Surfaces
  • Removes Dangerous Mold & Mildew
  • Improves Your Home’s Curb Appeal
  • Prevents Costly Repairs

Concrete Surfaces We Pressure Wash:

  • Concrete Driveway Cleaning: Whether your concrete driveway is small, large, is up on a hill, down a hill we clean them all! We use environmentally conscious cleaning agents coupled with state of the art concrete pressure washing equipment that get your concrete driveway looking its best with minimal impact on the environment.
  • Concrete Walkway Cleaning: We pressure wash all concrete walkways, sidewalks, and concrete paths.
  • Concrete stoops and Stairs: We remove moss, and mildew from concrete stoops and concrete stairs.
  • Concrete patios: We efficiently, and neatly clean all concrete patios. Revujenate your patios so outdoor gatherings are fun again!
  • Concrete Pool Decks: We use gentle, yet powerful cleaning agents coupled with varying degrees of pressure and state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment to not only clean, but make your pool deck safe to walk on again.
  • Concrete Retainer Walls: – We remove all types of stains from concrete retainer walls.

Exterior concrete surfaces are durable, yet porous, and are prone to soil easily, and frequently.  Of all the exterior surfaces we pressure wash, concrete surfaces are the ones we encounter the most damage due to improper pressure washing. Whether the previous company used too much pressure, or improper chemicals, leaving your home’s exterior concrete cleaning to untrained hands can be a big gamble. We have, since 2004 specialized in efficiently, safely, and properly cleaning all exterior concrete in Atlanta, GA Different stains on concrete require different cleaning agents. We clean the following concrete stains:

Concrete Stains We Clean:

  • Mildew: Whether green mildew, or black mildew we remove them from all exterior concrete. Mildew can be a slip hazard especially on concrete steps, and steep walkways, and driveways.
  • Red Clay: We gently clean red clay stains with a proper concrete restoration product. We will never mix chemicals ourselves to save a few dollars. We use time-proven industry leading cleaning agents.
  • Leaf debris: This is more visible in the fall months. Leaves fall and after rainfall the concrete driveways, walkways will be stained. We safely remove these leaf stains from your home’s concrete surfaces.
  • Rust Stains: – We can remove most rust stains from concrete, depending on size, and source of rust.
  • General soiling – food, etc – We get requests to clean patios, pool decks after parties. We get all soiling such as food, greast stains, etc.

Concrete Cleaning FAQ'S

Yes, we can still pressure wash a driveway with cracks. We just have to be careful around the cracks. (please mention cracks at time of estimate).

How often your exterior concrete areas should be cleaned depends on sun exposure, or lack of. We normally suggest once a year pressure wash to areas where slip hazards can occur, other areas can be left to your criteria.

No, we use chemicals that are not harmful to grass, or plants. We pre-rinse, and post-rinse all seasonal plants (which are the most fragile), and leave no standing water/puddles.

We can remove most of an oil stain. Once oil penetrates concrete there will be an outline (like a shadow) where the oil was. Even though we remove all oil, there will be a hazy spot that will disappear with time (sun exposure).

Yes, we can remove, and replace tables, chairs, small plants, bbq grills, lawn chairs, etc from both concrete patios, as well as concrete pool decks. Once job is complete we will return all furniture to their place. We normally don’t move excessively large planters to prevent damage. We also do not move firewood piles as they usually harbor snakes, and venemous spiders.

We will never experiment with your home’s concrete. We have over 15 years experience cleaning exterior concrete surfaces in North Atlanta, Ga and surrounding areas. We believe we are experts in all facets of concrete cleaning. To request a free concrete cleaning quote please fill out our concrete cleaning request form, you can also reach us by phone at 404.428.9264. Thank you!

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