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Decks are a signature detail for a home’s exterior – decks transition landscaping terrain, into a home’s structure adding a natural touch to contemporary as well as traditional homes. Decks are an extension of your home’s interior spaces making them a great living space for outdoor  gatherings. Decks are also expensive – many costing tens of thousands of dollars – for this reason  a regular deck maintenance schedule is vital to preserve your deck’s surfaces from fungus (a living organism that is the cause of wood rot), sun damage,  as well as other types of soiling which we will go into shortly.  Keeping your deck’s surface clean is also good practice toward keeping your deck surfaces safe to walk on. Grime, slime, accumulated dirt can become slipping hazards on deck surfaces especially on stairs, and ramps.

Fences are tricky to clean – whether your fence is shadowbox, dog-ear,  has lattice-work fence detailing –  there is a lot of intricate, time consuming labor involved many times repetitive,  but crucial in a proper fence restoration project. We are experts at restoring fences, rejuvenating them to like new condition. We pressure wash  painted fences, stained fences as well as untreated fences alike.

With this in mind Atlanta Pressure Washing  offers our tailored approach to our deck and fence pressure washing restoration services. We know no two decks, or fences are alike – some decks are painted, some are stained, some are unpainted and for this reason we offer our tailored cleaning method. We take into account variables such as:

  • Painted Decks And Fences – Wood decks, fences treated with a solid color stain behave like a painted surface. The stain seals out water, is opaque like a paint and will easily accumulate soiling (more so than others). For this reason we use a thorough, gentle pressure washing process – stronger than we use on other wood surfaces.Painted decks usually become the most slippery as the paint seals out all moisture and are more prone to moss, algae, mold, and mildew build-up.
  • Stained Decks And Fences- Decks, fences that have a semi-transparent stain are delicate – Too much detergent and you remove the stain, pressure wash with too much pressure and you leave marks in the stained areas-  We are experts at removing mold, mildew, moss and algae without disturbing the delicate stains and sealers.
  • Unstained Decks And Fences – Bare wood decks, fences are the most delicate to clean, and  need the most proper thorough cleaning – We use bare wood cleaning agents that aid in removal of  oxidation, greying and revive all wood  surfaces no matter what species of wood they may be. We gently pressure wash all unstained wood surfaces revealing the beauty that lies beneath. We properly lay a foundation for stains and sealers that will last for many years.

For the last 15 years online, and for the last 25 overall  – we have pressure cleaned, restored, refurbished many a decks, and fences  in the North Atlanta, GA area. We are specialists in assessing, differentiating  all species of wood deck and fences. We follow a tailored, methodical, time-proven deck restoration approach ensuring to gently pressure wash away, oxidation, greying, dirt, mildew and rejuvenate all exterior wood structures.

We Power Wash the following wood Deck And Fence Surfaces:

  • Cedar Decks and Fences:  – We restore grey weathered cedar to like new condition  – utilizing cedar-specific deck cleaners coupled with effective deck brighteners your cedar deck, and fence will look its best. We don’t stop at looks, though. Our high-performance deck and fence cleaning, and brightening process opens the pores of the wood substrates enhancing stain and sealer absorption. Don’t leave the preparation of your decks, and fences to unskilled handymen, college kids, and painters – Cedar is a soft wood– it needs to be in the right hands.
  •  Pergolas: – We pressure wash, restore Pressure treated pine as well as cedar pergolas. – Whether smooth-sanded pine, or rough-sawn cedar we pay special attention to removing years of oxidation from all exterior wood surfaces. We follow-up on our thorough, deep wood cleaning with our  brightening and neutralizing exterior wood process. Our methodical wood restoration process may seem like overkill to others, but we know it is a vital part of a proper wood care, wood restoration process. We don’t skimp on materials, and we never, ever skip steps.
  • Exotic Hardwood Decks – Right around 2008 we started having requests to clean Ipe , and other Brazilian hardwood decks – We have –  since the mid 2000’s become experts in field of Brazilian wood restoration.
  • Pressure Treated Pine Decks And Fences: We pressure clean all pressure treated pine decks – We gently pressure wash  weathered old decks, and newer decks.
  • We also pressure wash railroad ties, pressure treated retainer walls,  Play-sets, Jungle Gyms, as well as Gazebos, and many other outdoor wood structures.
  • We clean dog ear fences, shadowbox fences we clean fences with lattice work, and intricate fencing detailing.
  • We gently pressure wash fences that are painted, or stained so as to not disturb the coating on the fence surface and only remove soiling, and mold, mildew.
  • We also clean PVC, composite wood decks and fences. We clean Trex, Bellawood, and all other types of synthetic, composite decks and fences.

We clean decks and fences the right way, we remove many types of stains from decks and fences. Some of the stains we specialize in cleaning are:

  • Mold and Mildew: – Whether green mold, black mold, or mildew we transform, grey, tired looking decks methodically peeling away layers of oxidation like magic! We are specialists in the art of cleaning decks and fences the right way! We love what we do, and most of all we love the wow factor a proper deck and fence cleaning gets from our customers!
  • Moss, and Algae – We remove dangerous, slippery moss and algae from all deck surfaces.
  • Deck Stripping – We remove deck stains that have faded, we can only do this with oil based stains. Water based stains cannot be stripped.

We clean other natural staining on decks and fences such as red clay, grease from BBQ grills, and many other types of soiling.

IF you’d like to schedule a free estimate, would like to ask questions – we’re here to help. Please fill out our estimate request form, or call us at 404.428.9264. Thank you,

Wood Deck And Fence Power Washing FAQ'S

Bleach can be used on painted decks ONLY and highly diluted. We never use pure bleach on a deck – we use highly diluted bleach with added surfactants only when necessary (high amount of mold, and mildew on PAINTED decks).

We never use bleach on raw wood.  We use gentle, yet effective deck cleaners that will not damage your wood deck or fence’s integrity.

Painted decks or fences can be cleaned quickly – a painted deck (normal size) can be lightly cleaned in less than 2 hours start to finish. Larger decks take more . A painted fence depending on length can be lightly cleaned in 2-3 hours.  Raw wood decks and fences, or decks and fences that have old stains that have to be stripped off take significantly longer.

No, we cannot strip painted decks. We can strip semi transparent oil stains and SOME semi transparent water based deck and fence stains.

No we do not, using a whirl away floor scrubber on soft wood, or even hardwood decking is asking for trouble. We have seen some serious damage from unskilled contractors who thought they could use a surface cleaner on a deck. We’ve been doing this for 25 years and would never consider it.

No, we don’t seal decks, or fences – but can refer someone who can.

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