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About Our Driveway Power Washing Services:

Driveways are the most heavily used exterior portion of one’s property, and often the most overlooked part of one’s home. Driving in and out on a daily basis one doesn’t notice how, as time goes on pollen, dirt, mold and mildew accumulate on one’s driveway surfaces. This accumulation of atmospheric dirt, and grime is an eyesore, no doubt but can also be a safety hazard from slippery moss and algae build-up in portions of driveways, as well as walkways and sidewalks. A dirty driveway can also mask things such as water intrusion, cracks and other imperfections on driveway surfaces that can easily be rectified before long-term damage is done. We believe that besides improving a home’s exterior appearance, cleaning one’s driveway is an easy way to prevent long-term issues with concrete , paver, and many other exterior driveway surface you may have in your Atlanta home. We are strong believers in encouraging our customers to regularly maintain their driveways , especially concrete with a regular driveway pressure washing followed by a driveway waterproofing. Now, waterproofing does not have to be done every year, and by waterproofing you will reduce the amount of mold, mildew and moss build up on your driveway. It is a great routine to have – pressure cleaning your driveway will save you in the long-run, while having your home’s exterior looking its best. We first got our ‘feet wet’ in the pressure washing trade in 1995 pressure washing driveways in the new construction industry. Since, we’ve pressure washed a good bit of driveways – thousands of driveways of all shapes, sizes, conditions. We’ve cleaned oil, red clay, mold, mildew, moss, grime, slime and any other type of staining from driveways. We take a great deal of satisfaction with the wow factor our customers as our driveway cleaning equipment starts erasing years of grime from their driveway surfaces as if by magic. What may seem like magic, though is many, many years of perfecting the art of pressure washing driveways. This skill is one obtained by many years of practice in the field. We know we lead the pack when it comes to driveway cleaning.

We are specialists pressure washing driveway surfaces such as:

    • Concrete driveways – We use gentle cleaning agents that dig deep into the concrete pores  and loosen years of soiling coupled with our floating surface cleaners or also known as floor scrubbers to deliver impressive concrete pressure cleaning results.
    • Brick paver driveways – We gently pressure wash paver driveways with the the utmost care –  paying special attention to protecting the integrity of the pavers,  polymeric sands, as well as mortar.
    • Brick driveways – We pressure clean brick  driveways thoroughly and leave them looking like new!
    • Stone Driveways – We pressure wash, clean slate, flagstone, fieldstone, bluestone driveways with stellar before and after results.
    • Aggregate Driveways – We gently clean aggregate driveways allowing the cleaning agents to do the bulk of the work. Aggregate driveways are tricky to clean, but our many years of experience have made us experts in field.
    • Stamped concrete driveways – For a while stamped concrete was growing in popularity – it has sort of dwindled off, yet we gently clean stamped concrete so to not as damage its delicate sealers.

We pressure wash all types of driveways whether small, or football field length up a hill, down a hill we’re up to the task!

Driveway Stains We Pressure Clean:

  • Mold & Mildew – We deep-clean concrete, pavers, stone driveways  removing not only the mildew you see, but the deep down remnants that most miss. This equates into a longer lasting clean driveway!
  • Moss & Algae – We remove moss and algae from paver driveways, stone, and brick driveays. We also remove moss and algae from concrete driveways (although not as common as the others).
  • Oil Stains – We can effective remove 75-90% of oil stains from concrete, and other surfaces. Efficacy of removal depends how long stain has been on substrate, how large the stain is, whether it is motor oil, grease, etc.
  • Rust Stains – We can remove rust stains from all exterior driveway surfaces.
  • Leaf stains – We clean leaf stains that usually happen in the fall after heavy rainfall from your concrete surfaces. We clean leaf, pine cone, acorn stains from all driveway surfaces.
  • Bobcat Marks – We can fix some marks left from bobcats (as long as they’re not gouges).
  • Red Clay Stains – We remove unsightly red clay stains from concrete (we recommend using a sealer to prevent future staining).

Plus many more- If you’d like to discuss your driveway cleaning please drop us a line on our driveway pressure washingestimate request form, or call us at 404.428.9264.

Driveway Cleaning FAQ'S

Sun exposure, water runoff play big factors on how often one should clean their driveway. There is no set ins tone timeframe to clean your driveway. Rule of thumb is if it starts lookign dingy, clean it up. Make sure there is no Moss or Algae growth as they can become slippery.

No, the cleaning agents we use are plant safe, we rinse off your small plants before and after cleaning of your driveway as an extra safety measure.

For a normal size driveway 1-1.5 hours – larger driveways can take up to 3-4 hours depending on soiling, runoff, puddling, etc.

Yes, cleaning brick and stone brings back its original colors, We always suggest using a paver enhancer if you want a more vibrant look.

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