House Soft Wash By Atlanta Pressure Washing

We use  low-pressure soft-wash equipment (about the pressure of a garden hose nozzle) coupled with time-proven cleaning agents to gently clean the exterior of your Atlanta home. Since 2004 Atlanta Pressure Washing has  specialized in cleaning mold, mildew, atmospheric soiling from all exterior residential surfaces. Using a low pressure soft house wash is especially beneficial in surfaces like :

  • Stucco – EIFS Dryvit is a very delicate surface to clean – especially if it is very weathered, we have perfected the art of gently pressure cleaning stucco without disturbing its integrity.
  • Hardcoat stucco: – Although more durable than EIFS Dryvit stucco still needs a gentle cleaning. We take the same care, and focus on hardcoat stucco as we do with EIFS Dryvit.
  • Vinyl siding – We use a combination of wetting agents, mild, yet powerful cleaning agents, and a low pressure high volume stream of water to gently clean your vinyl siding home. We ensure not to drive water behind the vinyl siding which can cause long-term moisture problems, we also protect the integrity of the vinyl siding by not using too much pressure which causes vinyl siding  to come undone.
  • General house pressure washing – Whether your house has triple insulated windows that are air-tight, or you live in a 100+ year old historic home with drafty windows -our low pressure soft wash system ensures minimal impact on your day to day life while producing spectacular exterior house pressure cleaning results!

We use our low pressure soft wash system on many other areas where special care is necessary (around electrical fixtures, around delicate plants, kool deck pool decks, as well as painted decks, and many other areas where a gentle, effective cleaning is necessary.  If you’d like to discuss how we can improve your home’s curb appeal with our soft pressure wash system please send us a message via our estimate request form, or call us at 404.428.9264.

Soft House Wash FAQ'S

Yes, we move all items necessary to be moved , and we move them back once done.

We would prefer someone to be home –  as even though we use a very low amount of pressure, water can still trickle in, especially in older homes.

Usually hazy looking paint is a sign of paint oxidation as in ‘chalky paint’ – Soft washing will not remedy paint that has oxidized. We can show you how the oxidized paint washes off leaving a milky stream of water running down the house. Oxidized paint is an idicator that your house is due for an exterior re-paint.

Older aluminum siding is notorius for chalkiness, so are older aluminum windows – If you rub your finger on your aluminum window and a chalky residue rubs off, that is an indicator that either your aluminum siding, or windows’ paint’s life has reached its end of life. It will need a thorough re-paint. Pressure washing chalky surfaces will not remedy this issue – Pressure washing chalky aluminum windows will wash off the chalky paint, sometimes exposing bare aluminum. We always check windows, and siding for chalk and notify you before pressure washing.

Yes, even though we use a low pressure soft wash system, we can reach as high as 4 stories without problems.

Yes, we soft-wash awnings as long as they don’t have UV degradation. We would not recommend soft washing UV damaged awnings as they will be damaged, even using our soft wash may damage a sun-damaged awning.

Yes, we can gently wash patio tables and chairs of all types, we would recommend you go with a Teak specialist if you have teak furniture that needs restoring. We can recommend a highly qualified teak restoration company.