Moss & Algae Removal By Atlanta Pressure Washing

Moss On Paver Before Cleaning
Moss On Hexagonal Pavers Before Pressure Cleaning
paver after cleaning moss
Hexagonal Pavers After Moss Pressure Wash Removal

Atlanta Pressure Washing Specializes in the removal of moss  and algae off all exterior residential surfaces. We use a gentle, yet powerful stream of water coupled with our professional cleaning agents to loosen dug in, stubborn moss from your home’s exterior. Of all the pressure washing services we perform, moss, and algae removal are the most important to perform on a regular basis. Moss can become very slippery on walking surfaces – especially on stairs, stoops,  and steep walkways. – We specialize in removing moss from:

  • Removing moss from brick:– From patios, to pool decks – we remove moss from all brick surfaces.
  • Cleaning moss on Stone: – We remove moss from all stone surfaces – Whether bluestone, limestone, flagstone, or slate
  • Front stoop moss removal –  front stairs – Front stoops and stairs are a slip hazard, we make them safe to walk on again.
  • Cleaning of moss from driveways  – We remove moss, and all the grime that comes with it, and haul it all away (we dont’ just washit aside).
  • Cleaning moss from retainer walls: – Whether your retainer wall is stone, brick, or a synthetic stone material we gently and efficiently remove all moss.

We also remove moss from walkways front stoops, stairs, decks, and all outdoor home surfaces.

Algae Power Cleaning Services:

Moss On Brick Patio Before Cleaning
Brick Patio Before Algae Cleaning
Moss On Brick After Cleaning
Brick Patio After Algae Cleaning

We gently, efficiently remove Algae from all exterior residential areas. We use time proven cleaning agents to loosen the algae followed by a strong, but not too powerful power washing to thoroughly remove algae. We remove algae from:

  • Cleaning algae from brick  – No matter how much algae you have – we can remove it.
  • Removing algae from stone – We clean algae from all stone surfaces
  • Cleaning algae between pavers –  We efficiently clean pavers from all algae staining.

We are experts when it comes to removing moss, and algae from your atlanta home. If you’d like more information about our moss and algae removal, cleaning, pressure washing serices please reach out to us by filling out our estimate request form, or by calling us at 404.428.9264

Exterior Moss And Algae Removal FAQ's:

Yes, cleaning pavers from algae, and moss is a messy job! We follow up by rinsing everything off that was splashed with algae and moss, we also sweep up and haul away the algae and moss.

No, we ensure to use cleaning agents that are powerful, but will not harm your plants, or pets. We rinse all small plants before we clean the moss and algae, and rinse everything off after we are done.

No, you don’t need to be home for any portion of the moss , and algae cleaning and removal process.

Yes, we can clean all moss, and algae from patio furniture, benches, lawn chairs, and tables. We usually defer TEAK furniture to a great group of teak restoration experts.

Yes, we can, but we would not suggest using cleaning agents at all around KOI ponds.