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Buckhead Pool Deck Power Washed By Atlanta Pressure Washing
Buckhead - Atlanta, GA Peacock Paver Pool Deck Pressure Washed And Sealed By Atlanta Pressure Washing

Atlanta Pressure Washing has over 15 years experience in renewing, rejuvenating exterior  pool decks of all shapes and sizes. From Olympic-sized pool decks, to normal-sized pool decks. We use gentle, yet powerful cleaning agents which loosen years of dirt,  grime, and slime from your pool deck’s surfaces – working  gently,  magically by rinsing off pollen, and grime to a like new pool deck.  Our pool deck pressure washing services are second to none.

We specialize in cleaning the following pool deck surfaces:

Dunwoody, GA Pool Deck After Cleaning By Atlanta Pressrue Washing Dunwoody, GA Pool Deck Before Cleaning By Altanta Pressure Washing

  • Kool-Deck Pool Decks:  Kool deck is a proprietary pool deck surface coating that as the name describes, remains cool to the touch, (can walk on barefoot )  even in sweltering direct sun conditions.  Because of the small dimples and textured surfaces Kool Deck coating imparts on a pool deck’s surface, it creates perfect surface for harboring mold, mildew, moss, and slippery slime. For these reasons, we recommend cleaning your kool deck pool deck (or your non-kool-deck-pool deck for that matter)  at least once a year to avoid slipping hazards. There are other similar pool deck treatments such as Cool Deck, as well as others which we won’t go into. Kool deck is the gold standard when it comes to pool deck treatments, resurfacing.  More info about kool Deck can be found here.
  • Concrete Pool Decks: Concrete pool decks are simple and easy to clean. We use the same gentle yet powerful cleaning agents that loosen embedded dirt, grime – finishing off using our state of the art surface cleaner that provides consistently amazing results. We recommend pressure washing your concrete pool deck after the spring pollen season has ended. Concrete pool decks (especially close to plants) who have water runoff issues will grow moss, or slime and become slippery as well. We recommend routine cleanings.
  • Stone Pool Decks: – Stone pool decks require a different approach from concrete. Here we allow the chemicals to dwell  for a fair amount of time, and keep re-applying until the chemicals have effectively loosened the soiling, dirt, moss. We then gently pressure wash the stone to produce great results without any of the stone de-laminating, as happens when using a lot of pressure. This method also cleans the mortar very well, and brings back the vibrant stone coloring that is missing when covered with dirt, mold, and mildew. Cleaning stone pool decks is time-consuming due to dwell times involved.
  • Brick and paver pool decks  – We pressure clean brick and paver pool decks in the same fashion as we do stone –  gentle, and easy, paying special attention to not getting grime into the swimming pool. It is time consuming, yet gratifying to see a pool deck transformation. We are experts in field!
  • Wood deck pool decks These aren’t that common, yet we see a few from time to time. We encounter more hot tub decks, than pool deck decks – but we clean them efficiently without using bleach – we use time proven oxygen based cleaners to lift years of aging from the wooden deck, then rejuvenate the wood with a PH balancing wood brightener. We recommend sealing the deck after our thorough deck restoration process. We have a great deck seal company we can refer you to.

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Kool Deck Pool Deck Before Pressure Washing - Decatur, GA
Decatur, GA Kool Deck Pool Deck After Power Washing
Decatur, GA Kool Deck Pool Deck After Cleaning

We pressure clean all types of pool decks of all sizes, shapes, and efficiently clean and pressure wash all kinds of soiling. Whether you have a graduation party around the corner, a birthday, holiday get-together our fast turn around times ensure you meet your timelines, and our reasonable prices won’t break the bank!

If you’d like to discuss cleaning your pool deck, or you have questions, we want to hear from you. Please fill out our contact form, or call us at 404-428-926

Pool Deck Power Wash FAQ's:

We can move all items off the pool deck and back on – for a nominal fee.

Although we use chemicals to clean pool decks the amount of chemical we actually use has a marginal effect on your pool’s PH level. We also make every attempt not to get runoff water into your pool. Sometimes the grade in certain pool decks make it near impossible to avoid.

It all depends how large your pool deck is.  Concrete pool decks take the least amount of time (roughly 2 hours) followed by Kool-Deck pool decks, then brick and stone. Usually the most tricky of pool decks takes about 4-6 hours to do. We’re talking large, here though.

Yes, have extremly high quality stone, brick and general masonry sealants at our disposal.

Yes, we can use a very gentle stream of water around these areas so as top not disturb, or compound the damaged mortar. We can refer a great mason company that performs mortar repairs that we’ve heard great things about from our past customers.