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Brookhaven, GA Stone Power Wash By Atlanta Pressure Washing
Dunwoody Exterior Stone Power Wash By Atlanta Pressure Washing

Atlanta pressure washing is your local professional Atlanta  exterior natural stone restoration company. We Use a gentle, yet powerful combination of cleaning agents, as well as industry leading equipment that thoroughly cleans all natural stone. We are experts in field of exterior stone restoration, cleaning, and pressure washing.  Below is a listing of all the stone surfaces we clean:

Stone Surfaces We pressure Clean:

Exterior Stone Pressrue Washing By Atlanta Pressure Washing

  • Driveways – From Stone edging on driveways, to complete stone driveways. We pressure Wash them all.
  • Walkways, and sidewalks
  • Front Steps, Front Stoops, and Front porches. We clean moss, and mildew making steps safe to walk on again.
  • Patios- We clean small patios to entire covered porches, multi-level stone patios.
  • Pool Decks – We clean all stone pool decks no matter the size.
  • Outdoor Fireplaces – We clean outdoor fireplaces, as well as outdoor fire-pits.
  • Retainer walls, foundation walls.
  • Houses – We pressure clean stone houses of all sizes!

And many more exterior stone cleaning. We base our cleaning approach on the type of stone you have. Some of the stone types we clean:

Types Of Stone We Power Wash:


  • Flagstone

  • Bluestone

  • Limestone

  • Granite

  • Crab Orchard Stone

  • Sandstone

  • River Rock

  • Fieldstone

Stone Restoration Atlanta, GA

We also pressure wash manufactured stone like Centurion Stone, we clean rough marble as well. When cleaning stone the right cleaning agents make all the difference. We are specialists in stone restoration using the highest quality stone restoration products on the market. We clean a variety of stains off natural stone:

stains we Pressure Clean:

  • Stone Power Washing Virginia Highlands By Atlanta Pressure Washing

    Black mold: Black mold (not to be confused with green mold) is a very stubborn type of stain on natural stone. Many contractors try using higher pressure thereby damaging the stone. Pressure will not clean stone, using the right chemicals, cleaning agents do! We use time-proven stone restoration products that efficiently, safely clean black mold staining from all exterior stone surfaces.

  • Green Mold: Green mold is easier to remove than black mold. We safely remove all green mold from exterior natural stone. Mold (no matter the color)  can become slippery when wet, so it is a good idea to clean annually.
  • Moss, Algae: Moss as well as algae on stone are not only an eyesore, but can be dangerous. A slippery surface near stone steps, or edging is something that has to be nipped in the bud. We are experts at safely, gently removing moss from all exterior home stone surfaces without damaging flagstone, field-stone, or other stone surfaces.
  • Efflorescence: On a scale of 1 to 10 efflorescence along with salt, and mineral deposits are the most difficult to remove. Off the shelf cleaning products from big box stores will do nothing more than remove dirt. These types of stains require professional stone restoration products. Unfortunately to remove efflorescence, white scum, salts we will need to use caustic chemicals that are acidic in nature. We always neutralize with neutralizing agents after cleaning for your peace of mind. We highly suggest following up a stone restoration with a thorough stone sealing to ensure restoration isn’t done frequently. Sealing will prevent most efflorescence, and salt deposits from reoccurring.

About Exterior Stone Restoration:

Stone Power Wash Virginia Highlands By Atlanta Pressure Washing

Cleaning exterior natural stone might seem like an easy task – Many handymen, painters, and new-comers to the pressure washing industry attempt to clean stone, but all most accomplish is de-laminating layers of stone in the process causing a mess, not to mention damaging mortar while using excessive pressure.

The impact that an untrained pressure washer can make by using the wrong chemicals on your stone’s surface, and surrounding plants, vegetation can be big. We always perform test areas with different stain condition specific cleaning agents –  in inconspicuous areas before attempting to proceed with a stone restoration project. We first want to ensure our customer’s full satisfaction with a small test area  before we attempt to tackle the entire job. Yes, it adds an additional trip/cost to the equation (on our part) ,  but we believe our customer’s satisfaction is well worth it!

Exterior Stone Cleaning And Restoration FAQ's

Yes, We move furniture, barbecue grill/s small plants, etc from patios before cleaning and restoring, we also return everything back after pressure washing.

Yes, cleaning will restore the inherent beauty of natural stone. That said to enhance and accentuate the variances in the stone’s tone you might consider using a natural stone enhancer after cleaning, or use a quality siloxane, or similar stone sealer.

Depending on surface area – Usually we can restore a large stone patio or pool deck in about a day’s time, if not less.

Even though we take great care in being precise, and thorough in our stone pressure washing and restoration , we cannot control some runoff. We can keep the vast majority of water we use out of your swimming pool, but there will always be a little bit of runoff. We always suggest you clean your stone pool deck early spring before putting pool back into service.

Whether you have questions, or would like a free estimate we want to hear from you. Please fill out our estimate request form, or call us at 404.428.9264. Thank you,

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