Stucco Cleaning By Atlanta Pressure Washing

Stucco Soft Wash Atlanta

Whether you own a hardcoat stucco home, or a synthetic  EIFS / DRYVIT  stucco home we at Atlanta Pressure Washing can gently, safely clean all your exterior stucco surfaces. We use a low-pressure high volume water cleaning system also known as soft wash. We use time proven chemicals that gently clean your stucco home while ensuring zero damage to the delicate stucco surfaces. We are experts in stucco cleaning, have been doing it since 2004.

Stucco EIFS Dryvit Cleaning Process:

Whether your house is less than 2,000 square feet, or 10,000+ we take the same approach to both. We treat sections at a time using our gentle, yet effective stucco cleaning agents which gently loosen atmospheric dirt, mildew, pollen-  we then gently rinse off all stucco surfaces with spectacular  results.  EIFS /DRYVIT require special care in order for its integrity not be compromised when cleaning.   We allow the cleaning agents do 99 percent of the work (not utilizing high pressure) softly rinsing off  years of accumulated dirt, and grime.   We don’t stop at cleaning your stucco, though – our time proven soft house wash process gently and efficiently cleans your windows, soffits, gutters, downspouts leaving your home looking its very best! – We are confident once we gently pressure wash  your stucco home we will be your pressure washing company of choice to soft-wash your stucco home for many years to come. We believe our many years experience effectively, gently cleaning stucco homes in North Atlanta qualifies us as gentle stucco soft wash specialists.

Stains We Pressure Clean From Stucco EIFS Dryvit:

We clean the following stains from stucco:

  • Mildew – Mildew is tricky to clean off stucco as stucco absorbs moisture right away, so dwell time varies from job to job. That said, we’ve perfected the art of stucco low pressure washing.
  • Pollen – Cleaning pollen off stucco is a breeze – we specialize in cleaning stucco after spring pollen season.
  • Red Clay – Red clay stains are tricky to clean from stucco – We always like doing small test areas to ensure customer satisfaction. Our red clay stain removing cleaning agents work extremely well in stucco foundations that have red clay splashed up.

Plus many other stains, we believe we are experts in field  stucco cleaning, soft washing, and general low pressure stucco washing.

Stucco EIFS Dryvit power wash FAQ's:

Yes, Even though we use a low-pressure stucco house wash there may still be a trickle of water finding its way into your house. We prefer you follow our experienced technician as he works his way around your stucco home.

For the vast majority of stucco homes the answer is yes. The appearance of the stucco color depends on the quality of the colorants in the stucco coating. Houses that are painted with inferior paint, or use inferior coatings will not look as good as a stucco house that was done with hard-coat stucco, or utilized the highest quality stucco paints, pigments, colorants.

No, the pressure of the soft wash is as much as a garden hose, it will not damage your stucco in any way.

We saturate plants before the soft-wash and after, we also cover plants with thin plastic (weather permitting as in hotter months the plastic may kill seasonal plantings). We ensure your plants are thoroughly protected. We also ensure no puddles are left behind after the soft-wash process. That said our stucco soft was cleaning agents are pet and plant safe.

Yes, we will move whatever is necessary to be moved, will cover whatever is necessary to be covered and protected. We will return all items once soft wash is complete.

We hope our stucco soft wash page was informative, and gives you an idea of the attention to detal we ensure when cleaning your stucco home. If you would like to discuss the soft washing of your home, please fill out our estimate request form, or call us at 404.428.9264 . Thank you.